For Families in Crisis

Life Line is a series of pastoral counseling guides for families in crisis. Each Life Line guide contains case studies, statistics, interview questions, biblical insights, resources, and a sermon or lesson on a specific crisis topic.


For the first time, Pentecostal Publishing House has published a collection of ten Life Line guides to place on your bookshelf for easy access in pastoral care and counseling situations. 


UPCI ministers may download LifeLine guides here:


LifeLine guides are available on the following topics:

Dealing with Boundaries in Marriage

Dealing with Affairs & Adultery

Children with Special Needs: Autism

Dealing with Burnout

Dealing with Suicidal Behavior

Dealing with Divorce

End of Life Issues

Dealing with Parenting

Dealing with Depression

Coping with Substance Abuse

Dealing with Domestic Violence

Families Affected by Addiction

Dealing with Bullying

Death of a Child


Marriage and Money

Dealing with Addiction

Dealing with Anger

Dealing with Discouragement


"When a family member was slowly slipping into some familiar signs of depression and got to the point of needing attention while our family was traveling extensively and not able to be anywhere long enough to find local resources, the LifeLine resources I found through were valuable. I was able to get some background information and eventually make contact with a professional to seek more specific help. I felt rather isolated; even though there were friends and family that were aware of my situation, I lacked advice and confirmation for mental health related decisions that stood before me. It was good to have somewhere to turn."

- UPCI Missionary -

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